Rachel V.Harrison 
School of Dance

Established September 1993

The Rachel V.Harrison School of Dance prides itself on a friendly atmosphere and a professional   approach to training students in the art of dance.

Dance is a great activity that can be enjoyed from Pre-School age up to Adults. All children can benefit from studying dance and they will develop many different skills at the same time they are having FUN! Dance can enhance a child’s sense of style,grace,rhythm, co-ordination and creativity, as well as build confidence and self - esteem.

Classes are held weekly during term time at St. Mark’s Church Hall, North Road ,Darlington. Examinations are taken in Classical Ballet following The Royal Academy of Dance syllabi. Tap and

Modern Jazz  examinations are taken with The Dance Teachers Federation Syllabi.

The Rachel V.Harrison School of Dance holds a Bi-annual show where all students are given the opportunity to perform on stage. Past productions include ‘The Snow Queen”, “The Little Mermaid”,

“ Hollywood & Broadway” plus many more.

Dance Summer Schools are often held and these give students a taste of different activities including, Drama, Singing, Choreography, Costume design and a chance to study different styles of dance.